Joshua (threelights) wrote,

last couple of days

ok what has happened... the other day thursday was my day off.... around 4pm my ex maria was coming back from her moms and stopped at my house with the baby... so i had some pictures from sol's birthday last year that i gave her... how much her baby has grown!! last year in the pictures the baby was like 3 months old... now she's like a year and half... so big... so we took her up to see my mama real quick... my mama hasnt seen the baby since last year when those pictures were taken... so my mama got to play with the baby and see maria and that made her day... then when i got home i went with my sister for a lil bit.. we were supposed to go to Quiznos but my bank card wasnt workin over there... so i had my sister liz bring me home so i could talk to dagmar_12345678 (isn't renee just wonderful?)... then i went up my mamas and watched survivor...

last night i went to the last weir high home football game of the season... it was cold and rainy and so i left early and came home and chilled...

today i finished up with work at 1 and been "piddling" (hehe) around on lj... now i think i'm gonna go and straighten up the apartment a bit and rejoice in the LORD... play some good Christian music and pray and praise Him...

hope yalls day is blessed!!!

Dio es numero uno haha....
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