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good days

last night was the youth group and i got to go and perform another song for them... i did "Sacred"... they really liked it... i love connecting with the kids.. they are def. the future of the nation and we need more of em to be opened up to Christ... and they need to see that being a Christian doesnt mean they have to be boring nor give up certain things they like (i.e. forms of music, dress, etc.)...

pastor paul (my youth pastor) also gave me a copy of Kirk Franklin's new cd "hero"... it's a real dope cd....

this morning i had to go to my first discipleship class with my pastor paul.. it was a really good class... he opened my eyes to some interesting things... he also gave me a New King James Version study bible... it has a lot of good study stuff in it...

thats all for now folks.. i'm off to straighten up the apartment...

God bless yall!!
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